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Unusual: This Woman Discovers The Infidelity Of Her Husband And “Forces The Landing” Of An Airplane In Full Flight

An enraged woman after discovering that her husband was cheating her would have forced the landing of a plane in full flight.

The latter, an Iranian national was traveling with her husband and her son from Doha to Bali via Qatar Airways, when she made the unpleasant discovery, reports Hindustan Times.

While her husband slept, she took the opportunity to search her phone using her finger to unlock it. Irritated by the fact that her husband had a relationship with another woman, she started banging on him, causing chaos on the plane. Even the crew could not calm her because she was out of control.

Unable to control the situation, the pilots decided to make a “forced landing” in the city of Chennai in southern India.


The woman, her husband and their child got off the plane while the other passengers continued their journey.


Confirming the incident, a member of the Indian security forces said:

“A lady, her husband and her child, all Iranian nationals, were disembarked by Qatar Airways while the passenger was behaving badly towards the crew members.”

The couple spent the day at Chennai Airport before traveling to Kuala Lumpur aboard a Batik Air plane. No charges were brought against them.


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