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Unusual: Popular French Actor, Alain Delon Has A Cemetery In His House And Here’s Why

Dogs, Alain Delon loves them! That’s why he arranged for them, in his house, a cemetery. No less than 50 burials of the canine race are there, in Douchy. The French actor will go further, saying he wants to die with his dog. “When I’m dead, I want my dog ​​to be stung.”

He wants to be buried near his dogs!

Unusual: Alain Delon has a cemetery in his house and the reason is '' simple ''

His dogs are his friends, faithful. Indeed, they are the only ones who keep him company in his home located in the Loiret.


With this, Alain Delon has built, in his garden, well sized tombs. As in an authentic cemetery, their names are inscribed on their gravestones. These last ones were well arranged, in the form of square.

“All my  life is there, in the graves of my dogs,” he had hinted two years ago in an interview.

Thus, his dogs which, according to him, were in “couple”, were buried side by side. The Paris Match newspaper was able to go there to confirm this fact.

Better, the 82-year-old would like to be buried at the chapel of this same house, where his last three dogs are already resting.

Unusual: Alain Delon has a cemetery in his house and the reason is '' simple ''

Caprice of star or real love for dogs? AfrikMag wonders what celebrities would not do to make us see it day by day!


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