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Inspiring!!: Orphaned And Homeless, This American Graduated With Honors!!

Discover the incredible story of a young American who after finding homeless following the death of his mother, was able to graduate and earn a place at university with excellent results.He also relied on a little help from caring people.

Abandoned and left to itself

Liyjon Desilva is originally from Houston, Texas . He was only five years old when he lost his mother. It was then collected by members of his family. He has continued to go from home to home until they finally gave up and left to himself. He was then forced to live on the streets and sleeping in parks of the suburbs of the city, all continuing to go to school. “what was I supposed to do? (…) I had a chance, why would I not benefited,” he said.

A push to find housing

Liyjon live like that for three long years. But one day, the news eventually spread throughout the school. The students heard that their fellow living on the streets and slept on a bench. Touched by her story, a counselor of the high school , the principal and other teachers will mobilize to find a roof Liyjon.


Initially, the headmaster offers him a room at hotel to sleep it off more. Then Jessica Smith, the social worker of Lee High School, will post a message on Facebook in order to find him accommodation. Luckily, knowledge offers to host Liyjon free in a studio above his garage.

He graduated with honors

Thanks to the generosity of people, the young American was able to focus on his studies.
Subsequently, he managed to rank among the top 5% of her class that will get the best results. “It is unusual to encounter a kid who has many difficulties and continues to move forward, “ says one of his teachers.

Last May, Liyjon graduated with honors. More recently, he has obtained a scholarship to a University of Minnesota with one of his teachers who had nominated her.

J “e had no family, I was homeless , I was abused child, my family took drugs ,” says Liyjon. He also explains that his family even tried to send him to Africa because his father did not want him. “I lived in the worst places. (…) Now I’m on top of the world,” continues the young graduate.

Also, Jessica Smith launched a crowdfunding campaign to reap money for expenses that are not covered by the scholarship (computer, airfare from Texas to Minnesota, clothing). She has already collected 12,000 dollars.


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