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UNUSUAL: After The Look-alike Lionel Messi, Here Is That Of Cristiano Ronaldo!! {Photos Inside}

Sosie or not sosie? After the Iranian double of the blaugrana genius Lionel Messi , here is that of his great rival Merengue, Cristiano Ronaldo . And it is also … Iranian!

If at first glance, the resemblance is far from striking, this young student has become a local star. Indeed, while this week Iran voted to elect its new president, the star of the Portuguese star was largely photographed near the polling stations.

The young man is called Reza Alireza Lou and obviously does not try to hide his resemblance to the quadruple Ballon d’Or, even going so far as to copy the look of CR7 and pose for selfies with many fans who absolutely wanted to have a With him.



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