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Unusual: “African Witches Are Prepare To Hold Conference,” According to a Popular Ghanaian Pastor

A Ghanaian pastor has revealed that witches across Africa will gather in Ghana before Christmas for a conference that could cause chaos on the continent.

Apostle Anthony Sampson Asamoah, founder of the Apostolic Favor Church in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, urged Ghanaians and African Christians to pray against this conference, which will be held to develop a plan on how to cause havoc during the holiday season.


He stated that this meeting will take place between December 15 and 21

“Witches across Africa are supposed to supply 2,000 liters of blood each. The country which does not fulfill its part of the contract will have to serve as host for the conference. For the moment, Ghana has already provided 1,000 liters of blood and if we are not vigilant, the meeting could be held in Goaso and Kenyasi “.

Recall that in 2015, Edo State in Nigeria hosted witches and wizards from Africa and other countries of the world at their December conference.

Dr. Okhue Iboi, president of the Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN), then announced to Nigerians that more than 50,000 witches and witches had gathered for their annual conference to establish a new program for their association.

For this year’s conference, Ghana would have been chosen as the host country. And according to the Apostle Asamoah, if Christians do not intensify prayer against their plans, the worst will happen.


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