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Unsubmissive Danièle Obono Cites The Bible In The Assembly In Order To Humiliate The Anti-terrorism Law (VIDEO)

As the anti-terrorism law passes the French Assembly’s examination, the insubordinate deputy wanted to demonstrate the insanity of an article providing for the closure of places of worship for violent reasons, invoking a passage of the Old Testament.

Unsubmissive Danièle Obono cites the Bible in the Assembly in order to shame the anti-terrorism law (VIDEO)
Danièle Obono, here in July 2017, photo © JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP

The parliamentary debate took some theological controversy in the early morning of September 26, 2017 in the Assembly, in a sparse hemicycle. The deputy of France insouciance (LFI) Danièle Obono has indeed undertaken to quote a passage from the Old Testament, attributed to God addressing King Saul, via the prophet Samuel: “Now go and attack them [the people of ‘Amalek] and devote them to me by exterminating them totally with all that belongs to them. Be merciless and destroy men and women, children and babies, oxen, sheep, goats, camels and donkeys. ”


While Jean-Luc Mélenchon refines his image as main opponent and recourse to Emmanuel Macron, even with the help of Emmanuel Macron, LFI deputies lead the animation in the National Assembly. The deputy Danièle Obono, who is close to the Party of Indigenous People of the Republic (PIR), has therefore attacked the anti-terrorism bill, and in particular its article 2. It provides that the prefects may have a place of worship closed for a period up to six months because of writings, comments or even “ideas” or “theories” advocating violence.

The member saw it as an injustice, noting that mosques could not be the only places to watch (although the bill does not specifically target mosques). “If one opens a book of any religion, one can find extremely violent ideas and theories,” she said. “I imagine that any priest officiating a church … would favor a form of radicalization there,” she added, citing the religious passage on the biblical call to the massacre. For the record, Samuel’s books are not only Christian, but also part of the Torah and are therefore in the synagogues.


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