Unsinkable Titanic Theme Park: China Begins Building A Full-Size Replica Of The Titanic As Part Of A Theme Park…

Titanic Fever

The vast majority know the tale of the Titanic regardless of the possibility that they were not alive when the considerable resilient ship was sunk. Some portion of this Titanic fever was empowered by the 1997 Titanic film that made the story available to millions around the globe.

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No doubt the general population of China have been the most hit by Titanic fever. They started a $160 million venture in December to make an imitation of the Titanic ship as a major aspect of a “Resilient ship” amusement stop.


With the project, China wants to recreate the experience of the Titanic crashing into an iceberg. To that end, the company constructing the replica obtained some fragments of the Titanic’s blueprint and hired a production designer from Hollywood to oversee the construction of the Titanic replica.

The Unsinkable Titanic theme park measures nearly 883 feet long by 93 feet wide. The ship’s replica is also expected to boast a ballroom, observation deck and first-class cabins, all fitted with historically accurate fixtures.

Passengers who come for the experience will be assured of the same European fare passengers of the original Titanic enjoyed. They will also be able to take in a view of the Qijiang River from the observation deck, which is also historically accurate.

An economy-class room abroad the Titanic replica will go to visitors for $435 a night. For the coup de grace, the Titanic replica will simulate the experience of being aboard the ship at the moment it crashed into that iceberg.

The Unsinkable Titanic amusement park will be located in China’s landlocked Sichuan Province, which is probably for the best because no watery mishaps are likely to happen to the Titanic replica or its Titanic fever passengers.

China has apparently always had quite the case of Titanic fever, When the Titanic film was released a second time in China in 2012, it earned $67 million over its first weekend. An Australian billionaire Clive Palmer had also shared plans to build a Titanic replica that was to set sail from Shanghai in 2016 and he said that 40,000 people expressed interest in buying tickets. That project has, however, now stalled.

If the Unsinkable Titanic is successfully constructed it will be the first Titanic replica project to be successful and it does seem to be coming along quite well if the aerial pictures above, taken by photographer Zhang Zhi are to be believed.

We are just wondering if the Titanic fever is only sweeping China. Would you go to the Unsinkable Titanic amusement park if you had the opportunity and means?

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