Unpunished Crimes

Few days ago, I watched the movie “The Butler”. It’s Loosely based on the real life of Eugene Allen, a black American.

Eugene Allen, the main character mother was raped by a white man in the farm where his family was enslaved, and his father got shot by the same man, both in front of him when he was about 9 years old.

Later he became a house negro or butler in the white house for 34 years, and the movie is all about the events in the white house and in America during the years 1960s.

What shocked me and disturbed me deeply was Why he has never looked back and tracked down the killer of his father and the raper of his mother and seek justice or revenge to clean his mother honour and his father death?


I usually wonder, why black people are not tracking down the authors and the families of the people who enslaved, colonized raped and killed their ancestors, or one of their family member.

In Europe, Jews still track down the Nazis and their descendants.

If you kill a member of my family, we are 200 strong brothers and sisters who have sacred vow to seek justice for any of us regardless of the time and the circumstances. I either lead the pack or one of mine will.

Unpunished crime leads to more crime.

January 17, marks the 53 years anniversary of the assassination by Belgium troop of an African hero, Patrice Lumumba. This crime is still unpunished.

We have to give him justice!

source: Silicon Africa


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