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Unlike Drogba; AFCON Organization in Every Four Years: Eto’o and Beye Oppose this Infantino Proposal

While he was on 1 st February in Salé in Morocco to take part in a meeting on world football and especially that of the African continent, Gianni Infantino The FIFA president said he had proposed that henceforth the CAN ( African Cup of Nations) takes place every 04 years.


A proposal that he had justified by evoking economic and financial problems of the continent. If Didier Drogba supported this proposal from the FIFA president, Samuel Eto’o and Habib Beye do not hide their disapproval of this proposal.

After mentioning the fact that the CAN schedule should be maintained every two years during his stay on the program ” The African Debate “, Samuel Eto’o saw his position supported by the former captain of the Teranga Habib Beye lions.

We also remember that the Canal + consultant had already sounded the alarm in June 2017 on the Café des Sports program: “ La Can is an exceptional competition for African football. It is better to organize it every two years instead of four years. This, even if many African players playing in Europe are under enormous pressure from their employer clubs at each final phase .


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