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Unlawful Algeria: Policewoman Spits On Students During An Event (VIDEO)

While the tension was palpable during a student demonstration in Constantine, Algeria, a policewoman was filmed spitting on them. Broadcast on social networks, the sequence was very shared and commented.

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On January 29, a policewoman lost her temper during the demonstration of the students of the Assia Djebar Ecole Normale Supérieure in Constantine, Algeria, while the latter had undertaken to block the tramway in the city.

Algeria: policewoman spits on students during an event (VIDEO)


The short sequence, unearthed by France 24 , clearly shows the police officer spitting at the students, at a time when the situation seemed tense, shouts from all sides.

Broadcast on social networks , the sequence was very shared and aroused many reactions, most outraged.

Students from the Assia Djebar Higher Education School continue their third month of strikes against a reform aimed at changing their conditions of employment at the end of their studies.

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