United States: Women Spending Thousands On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Melania And Ivanka Trump

Cosmetic Surgeons in the United States revealed that women would spend mad sums for plastic surgery that would allow them to resemble Melania and Ivanka Trump, Rapporte The Times.

Norman Rowe, a surgeon living in the Upper East Side in New York, told the New York Post that since the 2016 presidential elections, he has received at least one woman a week in his office, ready to spend $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 temporary injections of fillers and botulinum toxin (products that block the muscles responsible for the appearance of wrinkles) so that they can resemble Melania and Ivanka Trump even if it will only last three to six months.


Others spend $ 45,000 to $ 50,000 for malar implants and nose surgery, which Dr. Rowe describes as “permanent Ivanka.” According to Dr. Rowe, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump and Kylie Jenner are the celebrities with the most desired faces at the moment.

In addition, Dr. Franklin Rose, a surgeon in Houston, Texas, said he received several women who wanted the “Melanie makeover”, a service that includes rhinoplasty, liposuction, a facelift and eyelids.

It turns out that the popularity of his two women is far above that of Donald Trump. The July polls revealed that Melania is currently the most popular with 46%, compared to Ivanka (44%) and Donald Trump (38%).

With respect to surgeries to resemble the American President, Dr. Rowe says he never received anyone who said “Make me look like Donald.” But this is not the case for Melania and Ivanka Trump.


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