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United States: What Happened When Trump Asked Bill Gates to be His Scientific Advisor

At a meeting in March with Bill Gates, US President DonaldTrump would have asked the billionaire philanthropist if he wanted the prestigious position of scientific adviser to the White House, a function that has so far not been fulfilled.

Apparently, without hesitation, Bill Gates declined the proposal, according to Stat News, who recently spoke with Gates to discuss the rather troubling possibility of another global viral influenza pandemic. (Between 1918 and1919, a strain of flu killed up to 50 million people worldwide.)

When Trump asked Gates if he wanted the job, Gates reportedly said, “It’s not a good use of my time. ”


The role of the White House Scientific Advisor is still not attributed. Trump is the first president in more than half a century, since President John F. Kennedy, not to appoint a science advisor in the first year of his tenure. No one can say whether he will do it or not.

The last scientific advisor to have honored the White House, is John Holdren, who served President Barack Obama for eight years. The position of scientific advisor is surely better managed by a practicing scientist. And Bill Gates is a computer programmer, philanthropist, celebrity, businessman … But technically he is not a scientist.


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