United States Seeks To Trigger Global War Against Shiites!


“The US attacks on Syrian government forces have fueled tensions between the warring parties in Syria, increasing the risk of a direct military confrontation between Iran and Russia on the one hand and the United States of America on the other, Another, “the Antiwar website wrote in an article alluding to the destruction of a Syrian combat aircraft by the United States.

“Iranian, Russian and American military forces are currently present in the war in Syria and all have their own program. When they multiply their actions, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between them. For example, in Russia and the United States there is a risk of direct confrontation, “he said.


In the past, the United States had repeatedly conducted attacks against Syrian government forces. In this straight line, the US air force last Sunday shot down a Syrian fighter plane.

Washington is trying to suggest that the attack was aimed at preserving its interests and supporting the Syrian Kurds.

But Russia brought a scathing response to the act of the Americans: “Moscow will do with American fighter planes what the Americans do with Syrian fighter planes. ”

And this, as Iran has stepped up its presence in Syria and has recently fired missiles at positions of Daech at Deir ez-Zor.

Shortly before, the United States had attacked the positions of Shiite militiamen who, according to Washington, would be affiliated with Iran.

According to some speculation, the United States intends to launch a new world war, but this time against the Shiites.


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