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United States: Republican Senator Gives Russia’s Vladimir Putin a Letter from Donald Trump

In a message posted on Twitter, Senator Rand Paul said he was honored to have given the administration of the Russian President a letter from Donald Trump, in which he would insist on the importance of exchanges between the two countries.

The diplomatic rapprochement between Washington and Moscow, glimpsed by the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in July in Helsinki , may not be a flash of fire. New sign in this sense, Republican Senator Rand Paul was indeed “honored” to have delivered a letter from the US President to the administration of his Russian counterpart, in a message on Twitter on August 8.

“The letter underscored the importance of greater engagement in various areas, including the fight against terrorism, the strengthening of legislative dialogue and the resumption of cultural exchanges,” explained Rand Paul.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed to the Interfax news agency that he had received a letter from US President Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin via the appropriate diplomatic channels. did not know the content.

While Donald Trump’s decision to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki sparked a lot of criticism in the United States, Senator Rand Paul is one of the few voices to have supported the US president. He also recently went to Moscow with a delegation of elected Republicans, with the aim of promoting dialogue between the two countries and avoiding “unnecessary escalation of tensions”.

“The world is a complex place, we are close to Russia in Syria and elsewhere, and I think it would be a very big mistake not to have an open line of communication,” he told reporters after a meeting with members of the Committee on International Affairs of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament on 6 August. On the occasion of this visit, Rand Paul also invited a delegation of Russian parliamentarians to Washington.

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