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United States: Popular Actor Bill Cosby Trial Officially Canceled!!


The trial of US actor Bill Cosby was canceled on Saturday as the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict, but the prosecution has already announced a new trial, AFP .

Montgomery County Attorney Kevin Steele, who had charged the actor, immediately announced that he would seek a second trial, as permitted by law. It is a terrible camouflage for him, his arguments not having convinced the whole of the jury.

It is a victory, however, for the 79-year-old actor accused of sexual assault on Andrea Constand in 2004, although the prospect of a new trial is already emerging. At the announcement of the cancellation of this first trial, Bill Cosby showed no reaction.

Made famous by the television series “The Cosby Show” (1984-1992), the actor risked up to 30 years in prison.


He is still charged and released on bail, “said Justice Steven O’Neill. The American judicial system requires the unanimity of the jury for a verdict to be pronounced. On Thursday, the jury had already indicated that they were at an impasse. The judge asked them to continue their discussions.

More than 20 hours of further debate did not lead to a verdict. More than sixty women have brought charges of sexual abuse against Bill Cosby, but Andrea Constand is the only one for whom the facts are not prescribed criminal.

However, a number of actions are pending before civil courts. In the absence of direct witnesses or material evidence, the whole trial was based on the testimony of the two protagonists, Bill Cosby and Andrea Constand. The actor acknowledged that she had been touching the young woman this evening of January 2004 at her home, but always assured that it was a consensual relationship. He also admitted giving Andrea Constand pills containing a powerful sedative while claiming that he simply wanted to allow the victim to relax because she had indicated being stressed.

The 44-year-old Canadian, now a masseuse therapist in Toronto, has undoubtedly paid for the inconsistencies that appeared in her various testimonies, insisted on by the defense.


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