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United States: Once Homeless and Struggled with Debts, Princess Butler Now Offers Homes to 600 Families

8 years ago, Princess Butler was homeless and struggling with debt, but today she is the CEO and founder of Financial Advantage Solutions that has helped more than 600 families become not only homeowners but also without debts.

Princess was raised by her grandparents who adopted her when she was only two days old. Unfortunately, in January 2013, her grandparents died and she became homeless. His credit score was very low at 300 and all his attempts to get real estate loans were in vain. Even worse, she was a single mother who suffered from ovarian cancer. She slept in her car for two years, but she was determined to succeed.


Several years later, things began to change. She managed to find a way to buy her own home and she also started her own company, Financial Advantage Solutions, to help people with debt.

“There are many people in the world who are struggling with debt and want to be financially free. For me, it’s a passion to help people and guide them to a happy, debt-free and successful life. I always give the best advice on financial freedom. We have several programs to make sure people get the help they need . 

His company’s program is designed to make a difference in local communities and across the country, and his own personal story is proof that the program works.


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