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United States: Lamonte McIntyre, Afro-American Man Sentenced In Error, Released After 23 Years In Prison

The man, now aged 41, was sentenced at the age of 17 to serve two life sentences for a double murder on the sole basis of testimony.Surrounded by media and supporters, Lamonte McIntyre embraced her mother on Friday for the first time as a free man after spending 23 years behind bars in a US jail due to a miscarriage of justice. Originally from Kansas, in the center of the country, the 41-year-old man was convicted of a double murder committed in 1994.

While he was only 17 years old, he was sentenced to two life sentences on the basis of the testimony of people who subsequently retracted. The prosecutor’s office of the time had not presented any physical evidence that could demonstrate a connection between Lamonte McIntyre and the two murders.


“A manifest injustice”

While the case was being re-examined by a judge, Wyandotte County prosecutor Mark Dupree – now in charge of the case – said Friday new information casting doubt on the involvement of Lamonte McIntyre .

“In the light of the information received by my office”, the latter “asks the Court to find that there has been a manifest injustice”, the prosecutor said in a statement.

The first investigators never issued a search warrant or discovered any reliable link between Lamonte McIntyre and the victims, according to the Washington Post. “The investigation was hasty and superficial,” said Midwest Innocence Project, which helped release the man who has always claimed innocence.

The Injustice Watch organization reported that Lamonte McIntyre’s first words on Friday had been: “It’s good to be outdoors.”


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