United States Gives Ultimatum: Vladimir Putin Has 180 Days To Leave The Kremlin

In the S722 law, the US Congress gives the US administration 180 days to “identify the most influential Russian oligarchs and those who actively participate in foreign policy activities.” Assess their capital, signs of corruption, sources of income and their property, including those of their family members. Analyze private state structures, identify foreign companies affiliated with them. ” 


The next section of the law states that the US president should demand that Russia withdraw its troops from the territory of Georgia (South Ossetia and Abkhazia), Ukraine (Novorossya and Crimea) and Moldova (Transnistria) – and transfer the border control to the authorities of these countries.

It seems obvious that the information that the Congress asks to be collected within 180 days has in fact already been collected for a long time; moreover, it is unthinkable that Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers in Ossetia, Abkhazia and Transnistria; in Novorossya Russia has no troops, and Crimea  is  a Russian territory. All these requests hide something else.

According to Roussine, this actually means that Washington gives the Russian elite 180 days to distance itself from Vladimir Putin, and gives Putin himself and the ruling elite 180 days to leave the Kremlin. This period corresponds to the period of the next presidential election in Russia.

For the drafters of the S722 law, the Kremlin now has 3 options:

1- Accept American conditions, which they do not believe themselves: Abandoning the Crimea and support for Novorossya would be considered a betrayal by the Russian people.


2- Putin and his entourage have the opportunity to send the Americans to pasture, but for the writers of the S722 law it would be an act of suicide: When the elite begin to lose its assets, Putin will not stay long in his place. The oligarchs may decide to shut down the banks and stores that belong to them, indicating in their media releases that Vladimir Putin is in fact responsible. This will unleash huge street movements, not revolutionary activists but ordinary Russian citizens whom law enforcement would join. Vladimir Putin can only withdraw.

So there remains the 3rd option: Quit the power by using the 180-day period to recover their financial assets.

Washington has therefore put the Kremlin in front of a clear choice: Putin, his entourage and the economic elite lose everything – both power and their assets, or they voluntarily give up power by saving their assets, within 180 days.

Why did Washington give the Kremlin such a choice?

Washington could have decided, to get rid of Vladimir Putin, to block the assets of all Russian people and companies “tied” to the government, thus striking the Russian elite and pushing for a coup in the Kremlin. Washington could do this without difficulty by January-February to have enough time to then promote their candidate for the presidency of Russia.

But for Washington, this option is too risky, Russian reactions would then be too dangerous in case of complete blockage of their assets. In such a case, even if the elite dismissed Vladimir Putin, it would put in its place not a “Kassyanov” pro-Western but someone much more aggressive and dangerous for Western countries.

That is why the “soft” option was selected, under which the Russian elite and the ruling elite receive a warning and 180 days for Putin and his entourage to pack their bags and leave the Kremlin.

This could also allow some Russian officials to take sides with the Americans who would give them the opportunity to continue their business in exchange for goodwill with American companies  (Rusreinfo note: Remembering the Yeltsin era when the country was sold to American companies …) . This delay therefore allows the Russian elite to get rid of Putin and his entourage, in a planned mode, and not in an emergency, which can take an uncontrollable character and end in a revolution.

The coming months should show the “moment of truth”: Either the Russian elite gathers around Vladimir Putin, or it will do it against him and for the United States. The ball is launched, the roulette wheel with consequences that can shake the world.


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