United States’ Former FBI Director James Comey Attacks Donald Trump

James Comey the former director of the FBI recently fired by President Donald trump has decided to settle his accounts at American number one. In a book that will be published on Tuesday, April 17, James Comey bitterly attacks Donald Trump.

He paints a portrait of a president whom he describes as a “liar”, but in addition, he compares him to a mafia godfather. James Comey spent only 6 months with President Trump before being fired.

The former director of the FBI also says he has never seen Donald Trump laugh. A trait that he likens to “the mark of his deep insecurity, of his inability to be vulnerable or to venture to appreciate the humor of others, which, on reflection, is really sad for a leader, and a bit scary at a president,  “says James Comey.


According to our colleagues in Figaro, if James Comey attacks President Trump in this way, it is because he believes that ” what happens is not normal, it’s not about phony info, it’s not OK. (…) Our country is going through a dangerous period, with a political environment where the simplest facts are disputed, where the basic truth is in doubt, where lies are trivialized, dishonest behavior ignored, excused or rewarded. “.

A few days ago, Donald Trump reacted on Twitter, also calling James Comey a “liar”. For the US president “James Comey organized leaks, he is a proven liar ,” he says before accusing him of ” leaked classified information, for which he should be pursued .” And to add in a new tweet that he had been a ” terrible director of the FBI “, claiming that it was his ” great honor to fire James Comey “.


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