United States Flights to United Kingdom Hit Three-Year Low

Reasons to visit the United Kingdom just keep racking up after the historic “Brexit” vote.

According to the travel app Hopper, via CNN, flights between the United States and the U.K. are as low as they’ve been in years due to a number of deep discounts offered by various airlines. While prices have gone up a little recently, they are still much lower than would normally be expected—especially in the middle of a busy travel season.

A lack of confidence in the British pound and the British economy as a whole can be partially blamed for the price declines. Low oil prices are also contributing to lower airtravel prices and higher airline profits across the globe.


However, much of the price decline also has to do with British companies looking to take advantage of the spotlight and get Americans (and their money) into Britain for both tourism and shopping revenue. The discounts are also looking to counteract negative American sentiment about Europe due to terror attacks and refugees which has sparked a decline in cross-Atlantic tourism.

Although the Brexit referendum might be bad overall for the British economy, an influx in overseas money could help lessen some of that blow for tour operators, suppliers and retailers.

The average flight to Britain is around $800, compared to $1,200 just two years ago.

Source: travelpulse 


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