United States: A Cat Invested as Mayor of a Village (Video)

A nine-year-old cat was invested as the new mayor of Omena Village in Michigan after a landslide victory over the other 17 candidates.

CBS7 reports that Sweet Tart won the election, which included other animal candidates, including 13 dogs, a peacock, a goat, a chicken and another cat. He had obtained a total of 7,000 votes.

Sweet Tart is the fourth mayor of Omena and he will run the village affairs until the next elections in 2021.


Keith Disselkoe, an official in the electoral process, told reporters that an election candidate had never won such a large number of votes.

“We think there have been a lot of votes from outside because of our internet access and advertising and the ability to receive votes via PayPal,” he said.


Written by How Africa

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