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United Nations Has This To Say About South Sudan’s Upcoming Elections

United Nations specialists caution that elections in South Sudan one year from now would be catastrophic and prompt more brutality in the contention torn nation. A give an account of the helpful results of common war has been submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan portrays the philanthropic circumstance of a large number of South Sudanese exiles and inside uprooted individuals as practically unmanageable.

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The experts, who visited Ethiopia and South Sudan between September 4 and 15, report shocking scenes of desperate refugees fighting to be registered. The experts said they saw people waiting in line collapse from hunger.

In South Sudan’s capital, Juba, they interviewed women who had been raped by soldiers and were unable to receive justice or recompense for their suffering.

The commission says officials, including President Salva Kiir, told them they wanted to hold elections next year once the transitional government comes to an end.

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Commission member Godfrey Musila tells VOA this would be disastrous because such a government would lack legitimacy.

“It will not be legitimate because a third of the population is displaced. Some of them are out of the country. It cannot be legitimate because political leaders who are part of the opposition who are abroad, some of them have been arrested and rendered back to Juba. They are not able to access the people to campaign.”

Musila says the dormant peace process must be revitalized and a cease-fire put in place before an election can even be contemplated.

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