Unimaginable: Trump’s Doctor Reveals The Truth About His Health

The mental stability and general health of the American President have been hot topics lately. In an attempt to dispel any doubts, the White House has invited a doctor to draw conclusions.

The health of the American President is an endless debate. At 71, Donald Trump is “in excellent health,” the White House reported Friday, citing physician Ronny Jackson, who was previously responsible for the health of his predecessor Barack Obama.

“The President’s medical visit today to the Walter Reed National Military Hospital has been extraordinarily successful. The President is in excellent health, “said the doctor.


It was the first medical visit of the President since he came to power almost a year ago.


The White House must publish a complete assessment that is limited to weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. While its critics openly question his mental health, no psychiatric examination was planned for the President who has called himself a ” stable genius “.

In the forthcoming book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, author Michael Wollf states that “Trump is intellectually incapable of being American President, he do not read, he does not listen, he is not deeply curious.

Mr. Trump has previously stated that he never spoke to the author of the new book. In addition, media raised questions about Donald Trump’s health after he twice interrupted his speech at the White House. in mid-November to take a sip of a bottle that he could not find immediately.


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