Undoubtedly If Your Wife Is On This Job, She Is Likely Cheating On You!

There can be many factors that contribute to the infidelity of a partner.

Unhappiness, attraction to another person, lack of satisfaction, or even revenge are all possibly reasons for an extramarital relationship.



However, the most remarkable outcome was that housewife was the most popular occupation for women on the site, at 20 per cent.

Christian Grant, a spokesman for the site, added that women’s desire the cheat, especially housewives is compelled by a sense of neglect and longing for something more significant.

Your typical cheating woman isn’t driven by arrogance, ego or lust, but by a sense of loneliness, thanks to a lack of satisfaction in her marriage.

This loneliness is further compounded for housewives, who potentially spend hours alone, only to further be neglected when their husbands come home.

When it comes to men it is a very different story altogether.

Men who were tall, rich and intelligent and are driven to cheat by their own ego, arrogance and lustful tendances.

Tall, affluent, smart — these men have it all … or at least, they think they can have it all.

They want to have their cake and eat it too, and that includes having as many relationships as they see fit.

Not to mention, as a smart, wealthy and tall man, you’re more likely to be attracting female attention, whether you like it or not, which only serves to fuel their ego and make them consider an affair as a plausible option.


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