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Uncovered: America’s Slave-Breeding Industry

A new book unearths the truth about America’s past as a hub of the slave-breeding industry.

Slavery is a very delicate topic that has been majorly covered up in recent times. It is considered one of the biggest crimes against humanity in history and it was vastly practiced by many Americans in the past. The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave- Breeding Industry, by Ned and Constance Sublette, is a book that lays bare all the facts about slavery in America.

The history of slavery has been sugarcoated and covered up in the past but the revelations by many authors in their various history books have exposed the horror of slavery in meticulous details and the truth about our past in a way we haven’t been able to see before.

The commonly reiterated argument by some whites that blacks sold other blacks into slavery doesn’t seem completely true, as a market which was created by white slave traders enabled the acquirement of slaves from Africa and then their transportation to America under disgusting conditions that led to the death 20% of them.

Slavery was seen as a platform for the potential growth of the economy in the country, a motion which was supported by several presidents of the U.S. including Thomas Jefferson who saw the labor the slaves rendered as a major form of capital in a letter he sent out to “slave overseers” in 1819.


The American Slave Coast unveils how an infrastructure of plantation owners, traders, financiers, haulers, lawmakers, marketers and law enforcers assembled an economy in which the roles of slaves were invaluable.

The domestic slave trading and breeding industry like any other capitalist enterprise, needed to grow, hence the forceful relocation and control of Native Americans so as to create larger areas of land for the plantation economy. An army led by General Andrew Jackson who was also called the Indian killer made it possible to acquire more territory for slavery.

Ned and Constance Sublette wrote the book with extraordinary clarity for all to see and understand our country’s terrifying past. Despite slavery’s nearly 400-year history, the nation is finally beginning to reveal the truth about slavery.

The need for every Black person to know how the system was constructed cannot be overstated. Coming to terms with the truth isn’t easy, but we all deserve to know the role the domestic slave industry played in the formation of the institutions, the financial basis and white supremacist mindsets of the economy that are still in play till today. Blacks were used to build this nation and what do we get in return? Social injustice, oppression, and police brutality surely aren’t the answers.

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