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Unbelievable!! These Touch HB Rings Will Let You Feel Your Loved Ones Heartbeat Wherever They Are

For those who care more about tech than bling, these Touch HB rings may just be the right ring to commit you to your beloved.

It has been described as the most sophisticated ring in the world and for good reason.

The Touch HB ring is a smart wedding band that lets you feel the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat in real time. So while getting on one knee and offering up a diamond studded ring may cause your beloved’s heart to flutter, this ring will actually help you feel the rhythm of their heartbeat.

It would especially be useful when you have to be apart from your partner. While calls and various chat platforms may help you keep in touch in those times, they do not really do much for physical affection.

Wearable tech company Touch tried to solve that problem with their revolutionary set of rings that rely on advanced technology to make wearers feel closer to each other even when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

All the lovebirds would have to do is download the companion smartphone app, pair it with the Touch HB rings and add their loved one’s profile in the app. Then, whenever you tap the ring you’ll be able to feel the other person’s heart rhythm on your finger.


The Touch HB rings are not hard to look at either. With the appealing minimalistic design, crafted from a band of either stainless steel or rose gold and a molded block of sapphire crystal, one would be forgiven for forgetting that it is made up of over 100 components, including a battery, a circular LED array, a charging connector, a “multidimensional” motherboard, sensors and a physical feedback motor.

Touch HB Rings

In this case, love does cost quite a bit. To get a tune on your lover’s heartbeat, you will have to part with $600 for the stainless steel heartbeat rings and $3000 for the rose gold type. The company started taking pre-orders on August 2 and plans to begin shipping in November or December.

The Touch HB Ring is not the first gadget to allow people to send their loved ones’ heartbeats. The Apple Watch features similar functionality through its Digital Touch app, allowing you to send someone a recorded heartbeat, but these rings transmit heartbeats in real time. It remains to be seen just how accurate they really are, but the idea is definitely an intriguing one.


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