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Unbelievable! See Those 15 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrongly

Things Done Wrongly, How Best To Do Things
Doing It Wrongly

I still cannot believe some flimsy chores can ever be done wrongly. These routine have become part of our daily lives and we can’t see anything wrong in the way we perform them. Am basically torn in between shock and disbelief myself. See those unbelievable modus operandi of some of these norms…

1. You probably haven’t noticed that there is a tab on the side of your aluminum foil to keep the foil in place while you unroll it.

#2. You’re supposed to place the flag of toilet seat covers in the front, not in the back.

#3. If you’ve got a little bottle like this, you can easily hack pitting a cherry.

#4. You’re supposed to use only a dab of toothpaste, and you’re not supposed to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

#5. You’re supposed to turn your Chinese takeout container into a plate – but only if you’re sure you won’t have leftovers.

#6. You’ve been going about cupcakes all wrong.

#8. Trying spreading the edges of your ketchup cups for easier access.

#9. If you want to clean your blender, you shouldn’t scrub it. Instead, use dish soap and water and simply blend before rinsing.

#10. To easily dispense a Tic-Tac, simply flip the container on its side and open the tab. It’s designed to present you with one mint at a time.


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