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Unbelievable! Meet Wakonta Kapunda, The African Screenwriter Who Types With Her Tongue!

Let’s meet 25-year old Wakonta Kapunda. On her graduation day 4-years ago, this young Tanzanian lady was involved in a ghastly accident that left her paralyzed.

However, the tenacious spirit in her did not settle for the victim song.

Wakonta can only move from her neck upwards. Many would wonder of what significant use that will be for her. Well Wakonta Kapunda, despite her limitations, is making a name for herself.


The screenwriter in the making makes extra use of her tongue. With it, she answers her calls and types as well.

Don’t be mistaken about the pace at which she writes with the tongue. Report says she types with unexpected speed.

“My tongue pained in the beginning and my neck and head ached but with some persistence with time I got used to the whole thing.”

With her elevated platform, Wakonta Kapunda takes notes in her film class.

Wakonta Kapunda


Did you know that this amazing and talented African lady made it as one of the screenwriting finalists who were chosen by the Maisha Lab at the 19th edition of Zanzibar International Film Festival?

The creative competitor likewise other finalists stand a chance of winning a grant of $5,000 from the Ugandan film house.

“I have learnt a lot at this workshop and I am happy with what I have learnt so far in the past one week. I now know the whole chain of operation and how the film industry operates.”


Wakonta Kapunda’s story is one of those that encourages us to quit the pity party and get a life. It is great to know that with all seeming “justifiable” excuses to give up her dream, she is not letting anything get in her way as a potential filmmaker.

“While I was bedridden I used to watch a lot of films and that is when I realized that films have a way of changing lives as they touch on people’s lives sometimes directly.” 


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