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Unbelievable!! Lionel Messi Reportedly Spied On By The Argentine Government.

“Messi spied on by the Argentine government” . An info that comes from La Nacion. According to their website, the Federal Agency of Intelligence Argentina is conducting a clandestine espionage mission on the star of FC Barcelona and the Argentine selection based on the famous Panama Papers.

To recall that these documents, estimated at 11.5 million, are confidential documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. They do reveal information on more than 214,000 offshore companies as well as the names of persons related to these companies. It contains the names of political figures, billionaires, celebrities but also high-level sportsmen. There is also talk of corruption and tax evasion around the world .

It seems that among the personalities, the name of Messi is there. According to La Nacion, an agent of the Argentine government only known by the name of Agent G secretly épierait Argentinian Pulga and keep an eye on the star # Football


Messi’s setbacks

In July of last year, # Lionel Messi and his father were convicted in a tax evasion case . Only a few days after losing the Copa America final, he was convicted and sentenced to 21 months suspended sentence and fined around 1.5 million euros. His father and he would have subtracted from the tax office no less than 4.1 million euros. Recently, in a case of cocaine, the name of Messi is mentioned .

With his recent suspension due to insults against a referee and the delicate situation of his national team who may not qualify for the next World Cup and thus deprive the five-odd golden ball of the probable “last” cup of the World, this new espionage affair of which he is the principal actor does not arrange his affairs and promises to put to strain his nerves and his mind.

Anyway Messi is on the way to becoming a star on other fields as well. #messi spied


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