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Unbelievable! Childless Bosnian Couple Organise And Attend Their Own Funeral!!

Who does not know they are going to die someday— I mean no one is invincible so to delude yourself of such bare fact will only mean you have colossal issues with your head but to go ahead to plan your own funeral when you are very much alive is way below the belt for me.

The thing is you are dead so whether a befitting burial or otherwise what do you really care except if you share in the belief that without a befitting farewell your ghost will wander this earth without rest which is even one hell of an absurd thought.

If this is what childlessness can leave one to become then I better find one sperm donor or a joystick that would be capable of making babies so I start the manufacturing process soonest because I wouldn’t for anything in this  world wish to be like this couple.

According to AP reports, a childless Bosnian couple have staged and attended their own funeral saying they wanted it to be an opportunity to celebrate life with friends and family.


Dragan Maric, 61, and his 65-year-old wife Dragica had sent invites to their pretend funeral and some 200 people turned up.

During the ceremony at a cemetery in the northern village of Pojezdina, Dragan held a speech about the couples’ love-filled life. The “mourners” then proceeded to a traditional post-burial feast in a local restaurant which turned into an all-night celebration with music and dancing.

Dragan said: “We do not have children so we had to organize a proper funeral for ourselves before we die.”

He added: “Our only obligation now is to die when our time comes and that is just a formality.”


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