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Unbelievable: California Man Confesses To Killing Child, Walks Free!!

Kenneth Johnson, 30, the man who allegedly admitted to police that he punched a 14-month-old baby to death has been released from jail with no charges.

According to police the Fresno man lost his temper and beat little Jose Luis Espinoza to death on November 20th. He admitted to police that he punched the child in the stomach when he refused to stop crying.


Johnson’s girlfriend was babysitting the child when the incident occurred and Johnson was visiting. Johnson has a history of domestic violence.

On Thursday, the district attorney’s office decided against charging Johnson for the killing because even though the autopsy showed there was an internal injury, doctors did not see any visible ones.

While police say they are confident that he killed the child, detectives on the case have not been asked to submit further evidence.


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