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UNBELIEVABLE: A Pediatrician Pulled Out A 2-Inch Feather From A Baby’s Neck!! (Watch Video)

7-month-old Mya Whittington was constantly crying and touching the area below her left ear. Doctors assumed that she had a swollen gland so they prescribed a therapy with antibiotics. However, the therapy didn’t help her so her parents rushed her back into the hospital. As written on ABC news, what the doctors discovered shocked everyone.

The pediatrician saw that something was protruding from the baby’s neck. So, she put on gloves and pulled a 2-inch feather out of the baby’s neck! Everybody in the room couldn’t believe their eyes.


According to doctors, the feather was probably inhaled or the baby tried to swallow it but the feather ended in the throat somewhere and the body began to reject it and force it out. There was no need of surgery or any kind of other medical procedure because Mya’s body would heal itself, according to the doctors.

Here’s the video:


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