UK Elections: Theresa May Has Allegedly Fallen In To The Hillary Clinton Trap…!! Here’s how…

Theresa May is at risk of falling in to the “Hillary Trap” whereby people are happy to vote for the party but not for its leader.

On the dawn of the election new research has revealed May has run a disastrous campaign, with two times as many Brits saying Jeremy Corbyn has done a better job than his Conservative counterpart.

The OnePoll research revealed 39 per cent of Brits think the Labour leader has run a better bid for number 10, compared to just 19 per cent who say Theresa May has done a better job.

And there are clear reasons why.

Thirty-nine per cent of respondents said the Conservatives have made the most blunders in the campaign.

And just 13 per cent said they believe Theresa May has fared best in television appearances.

Over a quarter say they believe Labour has run the best media campaign in the run up to the election, compared to just 19 per cent Conservative.

Social media also seems to have had a big role to play, the OnePoll survey of 1,000 Britsrevealed.

A fifth of Brits said they have been impressed with Labour’s social media campaigning compared to just eight per cent who say the same for the Tories.

A spokesperson for One Poll said: “What a difference six weeks makes.

“When the snap election was called the Conservatives were on course for a clear majority in Parliament.


“But Theresa May has had a shocker.

“She has failed to enthuse the nation about her policies and could be in danger of falling into the trap the Democrats fell into in the US whereby people felt they could vote Democrat but not for Hillary.”

It remains a virtual impossibility that Hillary’s precise fate awaits Theresa May on Thursday. She cannot lose outright. But her limitations have been brutally exposed.

She has campaigned (in so far as she has bothered at all) in prose so staccato and stultifying it makes Dan Brown read like Dickens. Her implied response to the question of why she thinks she deserves power, à la Hillary, is that she bloody well does, and let that be an end to it.

If she has a vision for this country, as her earlier musings on social mobility suggested, she has kept it entirely to herself. As with Hillary and Gordon, the more she has been magnified beneath the campaign microscope, the smaller she has become.

Being an appalling campaigner doesn’t necessarily equate to being an appalling leader. Gordon, who probably did do more than anyone to rescue the world economy in 2009, would no more have punished the disabled for the sins of the bankers than called a referendum on leaving the EU. Hillary would have made a relatively sane, humane, able and progressive president.

The odds remain heavily on May getting the chance to prove that she inherited more and better from those two than secretiveness, paranoia, a craving for power, and the incapacity to speak like a humanoid life form. But if she does win decently and expects an eternally bloodthirsty parliamentary party to give her time to turn her reputation around, she cannot go on like this.

Like Scrooge, she has been given a terrifying foresight of a potential future if she does – but beyond the pages of magical realist fiction, can anyone change? If Theresa May cannot, and if she misinterprets surviving as reason not to try, there will be very few Downing Street Christmases, if any, yet to come.


Written by How Africa

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