UK Donates $23 Million To Address Impact Of Drought And Floods In East Africa

KILIFI, KENYA – 2021/10/07: A cow, gaunt due to hunger and thirst heads to drink water from Ngite water pan the only one remaining in the area due to drought. /Getty Images


The UK Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford, announced  Britain is funding a 23 million U.S. dollar support package for four countries in East Africa that are dealing with extreme drought and floods.



The money will assist people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.


Speaking as she commenced her three-day visit to East Africa, Ford said the support would help prevent mass loss of life in the region.


“The UK’s commitment to supporting our partners in East Africa is unwavering, and we know that early action now can prevent mass loss of life,” Ford said. “This funding package will provide vital assistance to almost a million people across the region, helping those affected to access clean water and healthy food.”


The UK prioritized supporting communities affected by extreme weather events such as droughts during the COP26 Summit in Glasgow. As part of the historic agreement reached at the summit, wealthy nations committed to double the overall climate finance available for adaptation programs.


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