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UK-based Zimbabwean Sets Up Ride Booking Application Similar to Uber

A UK-based Zimbabwean entrepreneur has set up a $33 000 ride booking application in the country and is planning to pour in about $50 000 for its expansion to Bulawayo and the rest of Zimbabwe.

ImotaCars was recently launched in the country and is currently operating in Harare with a fleet of about 50 cars and will be coming to Bulawayo before the end of the year. The business model operates in a similar manner to Uber Technologies Inc, a peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 633 cities worldwide.


The entrepreneur Mr Wayne Moyo (27) said ImotaCars will partner local taxi businesses and help contribute to job creation. The application, which is available online for iOS and Android, allows users to book rides in a short space of time. Users will be able to see their driver’s details and also track their location thus improving the safety of commuting. Mr Moyo said users can book rides for other people and this helps in times of emergencies.


“ImotaCars is a ride booking app that allows users to book a ride in Zimbabwe in a matter of minutes. It’s a free app, which is available on bit iOS and Android phones. We are looking to partner with local taxi companies in Zimbabwe to empower local businesses. The benefits of the app are that you will be able to see who your driver is and their car details on the app,” said Mr Moyo.

He said ImotaCars allows Zimbabwe to have access to the technology used in big tech companies abroad. One can pay with cash, card or top up from an account with Ecocash.

“It’s more cost effective and a safer way to travel or commute. We have plans to cover the whole of Zimbabwe. The next city we will be launching will be Bulawayo, which we plan to do before the end of this year,” said Mr Moyo.  “We have currently invested £25 000 ($33 727) in the development and mechanics of the app. We are now looking at raising a further $50 000 to fund the expansion of our service all across Zimbabwe.”

Mr Moyo was born Bulawayo and moved to the UK in 2001. He said he ventured into business when he was 18 and started his own graphics design company at the age of 22.

“I started a few tech projects when I was at Birmingham City University. During this time, I taught myself how to code websites, apps, and started my own graphics design company in London at the age of 22, which slowly expanded to become a consumer electronics company (Cenius), which produced its own brand of Android tablets and headphones,” he said.

Mr Moyo then left the company to start Mosi Group Ltd, which is the founding company of the ImotaCars App, with his business partner Mr Kwabiwe Sibanda.



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