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UK Based Nigerian Comedian “Klinton Cod” Mocks Black Women…and Africans Didn’t Find it Funny!

UK Based Nigerian Comedian, Klinton Cod sparked an apparent outrage when he shared a video of himself and a friend mocking black girls on snapchat!


In what looked like a house party, Klinton who is based in the UK asked his friend, Bruno, his thoughts on black girls and his friend replied: “F*** black girls.” Klinton laughed, and so did a white girl with them.

Trust Nigerians to pounce on him…Many thought he was drunk perhaps he had no idea of what he was doing or saying that moment..While others felt it’s so rude, due to the fact he is black….and it’s obvious his mother is black too.







Klinton has since issued an apology to all black women:

Guys I’m sure you have all seen the instablog post. I’m deeply sorry about that video. Those opinions are not my sincere opinions. I was born and brought up in Nigeria around all kinds of beautiful black women.

I have a black Mother, sister nd relatives, how can I not appreciate them? I assure you that I’m not racist in anyway and I do not have any bias towards black women. I’m deeply sorry about that video and I’m sincerely apologizing to anyone offended by it.

I recognize that I should be more careful with the kind of words I put out there and I promise to uphold your standards.



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  1. Are you sure he’s a comedian? He sounds like and looks like a fu**king idiot. This is typical of some young Nigerian men who come over here. All of a sudden they think they are some big deal. I have never heard of this guy before until watching his video. I am definitely not impressed by him and his cohorts. Fu*k black girls ? Does he think he is white? Now that the UK has left the EU, we’re seeing a lot of racial hatred towards minorities.
    A lot of natives telling foreigners to leave their country, may be he will be one of the first to be booted out…

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