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UK Announces Another Record Coronavirus Deaths, Overtakes China

NHS medical workers at work: UK records more coronavirus deaths

The UK announced 684 more coronavirus deaths on Friday, more than the 569 on Thursday.

The new fatalities take the national total to 3,605, far ahead of China with 3,322 deaths.

NHS England, which collects data on the deaths said 604 of the new fatalities happened in its hospitals, with patients aged between 24 and 100.

Thirty-four of the patients had been healthy before they caught COVID-19 and they ranged in age from 27 and 92.


The figures show that young people with no long-term illnesses can still be killed by the infection.

Since Tuesday, the UK has been announcing more victims on daily.

In just one week, the number of people dead from COVID-19 rose five-fold from 759 on 27 March.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the fatality figures next week may likely be worse.

Scientists said the increases being seen each day are ‘expected’ and they are the consequences of the country going late into lockdown.

Public Health England said 173,784 people have been tested for the coronavirus.

Out of the lot, 38,174 tested positive.


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