Uhuru Kenyatta To Be Sworn In Officially As Kenya’s President, Supreme Court Finally Dislodges All Petitions

The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed two consolidated petitions against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

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Six judges of the apex court on Monday upheld the October 26 repeat election after quashing the August 8 poll on September 1 after citing “irregularities and illegalities”.

In a summary judgement read by Chief Justice David Maraga, the judges said the two petitions, filed by former assistant minister Harun Mwau and another by Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalifa, were not merited.

Dismissal of the two cases now paves way for Mr Kenyatta’s swearing-in for the second term on Tuesday next week.

While Mr Kenyatta’s arch-rival Raila Odinga did not challenge his win in court, the apex court’s decision leaves him in a tight situation amid mounting pressure from his supporters.

Mr Odinga, leader of the National Super Alliance (Nasa), has vowed not to recognise Mr Kenyatta’s victory and has embarked on an elaborate campaign for “electoral justice”.

Upon his return from 10-day US trip, which was marred by death and chaos, Mr Odinga announced the launch of what he termed “The Third Liberation.”


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