Uganda’s Speaker Wants Country to Import Cuban Kindergarten Teachers

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament has called on the country’s government to also import nursery school teachers from Cuba to help Ugandans change attitudes towards vocational education, The EastAfrican reports.

According to Ms Rebecca Kadaga, her recent trip to the Caribbean island nation gave her an opportunity to see three-year-old children play games in chemistry, physics, hairdressing and other vocational skills.

“These skills are shortcuts to vocational training, compared to the white-collar jobs which are creating unemployment,” Kadaga said during the launching of the SOS Children’s Villages ‘Youth Can’ Initiative in Kampala on Wednesday.


Some 200 Cuban doctors are set to land into Uganda as the country is at an advanced stage of importing the medical personnel who will be deployed in public hospitals in the rural areas to meet the need for specialist medics.

Neighbouring Kenya is also importing 100 doctors from Cuba.

The move to import the medical personnel has been objected by medical associations and trade unions in both countries as they argue that importing doctors will be a costly affair that does not offer a permanent solution to the lack of medical specialists in the region.


Written by How Africa

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