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Uganda’s Parliament Speaker, Kadaga Asks President Museveni To Explain House Raid

The Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, has asked President Museveni to explain the circumstances surrounding, and reasons for, the September 27 raid on Parliament by plain-clothed security operatives.
A photo montage of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (L) and President Museveni.


In an October 23 letter to the President, copied to the Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs, Inspector General of Police and Commander of the Special Forces Command, the Speaker demanded for answers on identities of the operatives involved in the September intrusion, the motive and purpose for their deployment.


She also wants to know why they manhandled, arrested and detained Members of Parliament. Ms Kadaga also asked for the particulars of the operation commander.
“I have had the opportunity to view (closed-circuit television) camera footages of what transpired and noticed people in black suits and white shirts, who are not part of the parliamentary staff or the staff of the Sergeant-at-Arms, beating members,” Speaker Kadaga noted in her letter to the President.

She added: “I am, therefore, seeking an explanation to the identity, mission and purpose of the unsolicited forces. I am also seeking an explanation about why they assaulted the members of Parliament … [and] an explanation why the members were arrested and transported and confined at police stations.”
The MPs were later released, although some remain under police investigation.


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