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Uganda’s Opposition Politician Bobi Wine Teams up with American Businessman to Airlift Africans Mistreated in China

Opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, says he has partnered with an American businessman to airlift Africans being mistreated in China.

This is after reports emerged of hundreds of Africans evicted from their homes and hotels in the Chinese city of Guangzhou over fears the coronavirus was spreading in African communities.

Bobi Wine said together with Neil Nelson they are ready to airlift the Africans if any African country agrees to receive them.

Nigeria, through its embassy in Beijing, had said it is prepared to evacuate its citizens from China.

Bobi Wine and Mr Nelson in their joint statement asked the Chinese government to ensure the attacks on Africans end.

“Together with my friend Neil Nelson, CEO ATLBlackStar, we are offering to airlift Africans & African-Americans being subjected to inhumane treatment in parts of China,” Bobi Wine wrote via Twitter.

He said this possible only if they get an African nation and/or the US willing to receive them.

“We are offering to airlift them to safety in any willing country. Let’s continue to raise awareness and to appeal to home countries to accept and receive these individuals who are being treated with extreme indignity.”

Appearing on NTV Uganda on Easter Monday, Bobi Wine said he was working other African leaders to ensure that all those suffering are rescued.



The move comes after harrowing reports of African foreign nationals in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, being evicted from their homes, denied services at local businesses, and blamed for igniting a second wave of coronavirus in the country. The city, nicknamed “Little Africa,” has the highest population of Africans in China, mostly from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

Images and videos of Africans sleeping on the streets caused outrage online over the weekend, with governments, including the U.S. consulate, urging their citizens of African descent to avoid the city. The events highlight the widespread racism and xenophobia that Black people face in China.

Last month, Wine released a song with fellow musician Nubian Li to raise awareness about COVID-19. “The bad news is that everyone is a potential victim but the good news is that everyone is a potential solution,” the artist sings. Revisit the song here.


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