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Ugandan Students Now Perform Excellently Watching This Lupita Nyongo’s Movie, ‘Queen Katwe’- See Trailer

For Ugandan students, viewing the film, Queen of Katwe could mean the contrast between getting into college and not. As indicated by a new study from Oxford’s division of financial aspects, students who viewed the movie about a young lady from the ghettos of Kampala turned world chess champion

Specialists have set up that the brain science of how learners feel, how motivated they are, while taking a test can be veryessential.

In the study, 1,500 secondary students in Kampala were taken to the cinema to watch either Queen of Katwe or a placebo film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, about children with supernatural abilities. Queen of Katwe is based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi, a teenager from the Kampala slum of Katwe, who through persistence and determination, goes from selling corn on the street to getting into a top school in the capital so she can play chess.


The students in the study watched the film between one week and one month before taking their national qualifying exams.

Those completing their final year of school who watched Queen of Katwe showed an improvement of 0.13 standard deviations from a previous mock exam and were 6 percentage points more likely to get a place at a public universityYounger students completing their fourth year of school (S4 students) also improved their overall scores and were 11 percentage points less likely to fail the math component of their exams.

The benefits were the most pronounced for female students. Fourth year students at lower-ranked schools also saw the most improvement, which suggests, according to Riley, “that small changes at those schools could also have a big effect.


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