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Ugandan President Donates 50% of Salary to Coronavirus Battle, Set to Lift Lockdown

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has donated 50 percent of his salary to support efforts to battle COVID-19 pandemic.

He also announced a possible lifting of the lockdown next week.

In a televised broadcast, he said the lockdown would be lifted after the ministry of health concludes a rapid assessment of the prevalence of COVID-19 in communities.

Museveni said the outcome of the survey will be announced on Monday and will determine the next step the country would take when the 35-day lockdown ends on May 5.

The survey, starting on Tuesday, targets market vendors, truck drivers, communities around border crossing points, health workers, security forces and other people likely to be infected.

During the survey, the investigation teams will take a blood sample, a nose and throat swab from individuals to test for the novel coronavirus.


“Our people are studying intensely. We shall give you guidelines and way forward before the end of the lockdown on May 5,” said Museveni.

Museveni said the guidelines and restrictions that the country imposed from March 18 have helped contain the spread of the virus.

“These prevention efforts have given us good results. We have been testing people every day since March 21. Our curve has been flat,” said Museveni.

So far, Uganda has confirmed 79 coronavirus cases and 52 recoveries.

Museveni said his donation will go to the national COVID-19 response fund.

Museveni also urged other public officials to donate part of their salaries.

The country is currently running a fundraising drive to fight the pandemic.


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