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Ugandan Government to Build “Idi Amin Dada Museum” to Attract Tourists

Uganda hopes to attract tourists with a war museum featuring some of the darkest moments in its history.

The atrocities committed during the brutal reign of former President Idi Amin for eight years and by the Army will be documented.

“We want to set the record straight,” said Stephen Asiimwe, managing director of the BBC Tourism Office.

The Uganda War Museum, which has not yet been built, will also present pre-colonial and colonial history.

“The story becomes more interesting, it’s like red wine. It’s getting better over the years, “said Asiimwe.


He stressed that the intention is not to realize a project disconnected from history.

“I lived the Idi Amin era when I was a boy, my classmates lost their parents during his reign. “

“However, you can not flee history, they are facts. “

Who was Idi Amin?

The former dictator joined the army when he was only about twenty years old. He took power in 1971, less than 10 years after the country’s independence. Some 400,000 people were reportedly killed during his reign.

He expelled all the Asian population from Uganda in 1972. He became Muslim and married five women with whom he had dozens of children.

In 1979, he was expelled by Tanzanian troops and Ugandan exiles. He died in Saudi Arabia in 2003


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