Uganda Pays DR Congo $65m In First Installment Of War Reparations


Uganda has paid the Democratic Republic of Congo $65 million in reparations for the invasion and looting by Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) during the Congo war between the late 1990’s and 2003. This conflict involved up to nine African countries, including Uganda and Rwanda, which supported rebel groups in the mineral-rich east of the country.

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On Monday, Uganda’s Finance Ministry Spokesman, Apollo Munghinda, confirmed the news which had been announced by DRC’s Justice Minister during a cabinet meeting Friday.


The UN’s highest court, ruled in February this year that Uganda should pay its neighbor $225 million for loss of life, $40 million for damage to property and $60 million for damage to natural resources.


The money is to be paid in five instalments of $65 million, starting on September 1 this year and every September 1 for the following four years.


Kinshasa had initially demanded $11 billion but the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Uganda to pay $325 million.



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