Uganda: Meet Isaac Turinawe, The Young Man Who Turned Emptying Toilets Into BIG Business

34-year-old Isaac Turinawe makes a living going door-to-door through the tight slums of Kampala, collecting human feces.


Isaac Turinawe earns his money by cleaning latrines for the citizens of Kampala

The businessman said: “I started this a year ago, I have to move door-to-door to get business and leave my contact for future opportunities.”

Isaac is doing a deed for all the citizens of Kampala by safely disposing of the waste.

Many people employ Isaac Turinawe because his services are cheaper than hiring a latrine emptying truck.

“Most of the latrines are shallow because Kampala is surrounded by many wetlands so they get full easily,” Turinawe said about his business.


The waste is placed in barrels and safely disposed off

It takes him and his two employees about 6 hours to empty an average latrine for which they earn about 8500 Kenyan shillings.

Another businessman, Henry Kayondo, Mr. Turinawe’s competitor, has a more high-tech approach. He uses a steel hand pump with a gulper to drain latrines. He charges the same amount for the job, but can finish the job in about 2 hours.

As the population of Kampala grows the latrine cleaning business is in high demand. Only about 10% of all homes in the city are connected to the sewer line, leaving tons of waste to contaminate the environment.

Kayondo advises: “Let young people look at businesses along the feacal chain like pit emptying.”

He adds: “The use of collected faecal matter for many other things like briquette, fertilizers saves the environment but creates employment for many youth.”


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