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Uganda: Cosy tête-à-tête Between Kanye, Kim and Museveni Finally Explained

Kanye West, President Yoweri Museveni and Kim Kardashian Photo:Courtesy

According to People online, during the trip in which they had been accompanied by their five-year-old daughter North, Museveni inquired about the reality star’s profession-revealing that he wasn’t aware of her long-running reality TV series.

“They met with the President of Uganda and the president asked Kim why she had to leave early, she replied that she had to go back to work,” a source told People.

“The president then asked what was her job and Kim, very politely, said that she had a TV show with sisters and family and they were all waiting for her return,” the source added.


During the pair’s time with the president, they gifted him a pair of white Yeezy sneakers, which they both signed, according to the BBC. Museveni also gave the couple a gift of his own: Ugandan names.


West, 41, received the name Kanyesigye, meaning ‘I trust’, while Kardashian West, 37, got Kemigisha which means ‘the one with blessings from God’, the BBC reported. He also gave the pair a book about the country, titled, Uganda, Gifted by Nature, according to CNN.

“Kim and Kanye seem very happy together. They went on safari together and a private fishing trip with North and they will visit the refugee camps together,” the source shared. “He likes to always have Kim by his side.”

The couple arrived at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport last Friday after which they checked into a local lodge.

The celebrity couple signing a pair of white sneakers for Museveni Photo:Courtesy

Sources indicated that Kanye was ready to extend his trip in Uganda.

“He wants to get involved in creating a tourism and hospitality school for higher education,” the source said. (While discussing plans to boost the country’s tourism, West mentioned he wanted to create a kind of “Jurassic Park (or) Disney World,” according to a video of the visit obtained by TMZ.)

While Kanye and Kim are yet to comment publicly on the meeting, which comes less than a week after Kanye met with US President Donald Trump, Museveni had nothing but kind words for the famous couple.

“I welcome American entertainment stars Kanye West and @KimKardashian to Uganda. I held fruitful discussions with the duo on how to promote Uganda’s tourism and the arts,” he wrote on his official Twitter page, alongside photos of the couple from their visit.

“I thank Kanye for the gift of white sneakers. Enjoy your time in Uganda. It is the true Pearl of Africa,” he added.


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