Meet Florence Kasumba, The Ugandan Baddie Who Won “Captain America: Civil War”

Ugandan born actress, Florence Kasumba has taken Hollywood by storm and she is about to overshadow Kenya’s icon, Lupita Nyong’o.
 Florence Kasumba was born on October 26, 1976 in the Ugandan capital Kampala.
Kasumba appeared in the most popular film “Captain America: Civil War” and is eyeing “killer roles” in “Wonder Woman” and will likely return for “Black Panther”.
A film website, describes Kasumba as the “The Bad and the Beautiful” who with one word “Move!” put herself on every moviegoer’s radar.
The scene stealing moment came in the recent Captain America: civil war (2016) film.
Since, everyone’s been inquiring about the statuesque beauty from Uganda.
Raised in Berlin, Germany, Kasumba’s formative years were spent taking jazz and ballet dancing, singing (she’s a mezzo-soprano), and drama classes, writes diversity.
The multilingual actress has an impressive resume of theater roles in Germany and Austria, which includes stints in productions of The Lion King, Evita, Mamma Mia, West Side Story and Aida.
She has appeared on German television in Tatort (2006-2016), a crime series and as a nurse in the English television drama Dominion (2014-2015).
Kasumba will now play the “wicked witch of the east” in Emerald City (2016-) television series.
After that, she will appear in Wonder Woman (2017) as Senator Acantha.
Another film website says writer Matt Arnold and Josh Friedman will still serve as executive producers Emerald City which will be produced by Universal Television.
Kasumba who played Dora Milaje (a.k.a. the Adored Ones) – the Wakandan women who serve as Black Panther’s bodyguards, will play the wicked witch of the east in the new production.


Florence Kasumba (* 26. October 1976 in Kampala, Uganda ) is a German actress and musical performer.
Since 2005, she has repeatedly guest roles on German television.
Kasumba is in food grown, still has a brother and a sister and lives in Berlin. After high school she trained in singing, dancing and acting at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg.
Your subjects are ballet, jazz , tap dancing , modern jazz , vocal , musical repertoire and drama .
She sings in the vocal range mezzosoprano.


At various stages in Germany and Austria, she took roles in musicals such as The Lion King (as Shenzi), Evita in Klagenfurt , Jesus Christ Superstar (as Soul Girl) in Bad Hersfeld , Mamma Mia! (As Lisa) in Hamburg , Cats (as Bombalurina), West Side Story (as Rosella) in Linz , the Life (as Tracy), Crazy for You (as Tess), Hair (as Tribe) and the beauty and the Beast .
From 2003 to 2004 she played the title role in Elton John’s Aida in Colosseum Theater Essen. The successor in this engagement took Judith Lefeber by the casting show Germany Idol became known.
A first television role had Kasumba 2001 in Dutch cinema production Ik ook van jou . On German television then had several guest roles in television films and series.
 A major role was 2011 at the scene of the crime Illegal death . In the scene Borowski and the sea , which was broadcast on 30 March 2014 she had a supporting role.
2005: The Anrheiner – result: 411 and 412
2006: Tatort: death from Africa
2006: Four Women and a Funeral – episode: Headfirst
2007: The Family Advocate (TV series) – episode: Circumcision
2008: The Pope’s assassination
2009: Romy
2010: Congo
2010: SOKO Wien (also: SOKO Donau)
2010: Kreutzer kommt
2011: Tatort: Illegal death
2011: Tatort: death of a teacher
2011: bush pilot does not kiss you
2012: The legacy of the Whore
2012: Transpapa
2013: The Last Cop – Uschi mach no nonsense
2013: Tatort: Against the head
2014: Tatort: Borowski and the sea
2015: It gets better
2015: Last Pass Berlin – offside trap
2016: Crime Scene: The Promised Land

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