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Uganda Bans The Sale Of Alcohol Sold In Sachets

Uganda bans the consumption and sale of alcohol in sachets on the grounds that it threatens public health.

Ugandans are among the highest alcohol consumers in Africa. The alcohol in sachets – sometimes up to 45% proof – are consumed more by those on low incomes because they are cheap, costing as little as 13 US cents (10p).

The new ban requires drinks manufacturers in the country to package liquor in bottles of not less than 200ml.

The Minister of Trade and Co-operatives Amelia Kyambadde said that the sachets were a threat to public health and that even school going kids were turning into drunkard as the sachets go for as low as Sh 13.


“Because this alcohol is affordable, people carry it in their bags, their geometry sets, in their pockets. Its consumption rate has been very high.”

According to 2018 WHO Global Alcohol Status report, Uganda has the seventh highest rate of alcohol consumption in Africa. The new directive Uganda bans alcohol sachets is a measure to curb alcohol abuse in Uganda.

Africa’s drinking habits:

Seychelles: 13.8 litres of pure alcohol per head

Nigeria: 13.4

Gabon: 11.5

Equatorial Guinea: 11.3

Eswatini (Swaziland): 9.9

Namibia: 9.8

Uganda: 9.5

Tanzania: 9.4

South Africa: 9.3

Kenya: 3.4

Mauritania, Somalia, Libya: 0


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