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UCL: Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos Entertains Fans With His Newly Released Rap Song ‘SR4’ (Video)

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has become a rapper a few days before the final of the league champions who will oppose his team in Liverpool. Sergio Ramos has come up with an original idea to get ready by slipping into the shoes of a rapper and chose SR4 as the stage name!

In fact, the central defender has just released a Spanish rap, entitled “SR4”. The number 4 merengue has indeed published on his social networks an excerpt of this song of rap which returns on the triumphs of the captain of Casa Blanca. The tube is personal, since it speaks of his career, his character, his past and his career. One sentence keeps coming back “El number 1, el 4” , translation “The number 1, the 4” , 4 as his jersey number.

Below we suggest you find one of the best defenders in the world with the pseudo SR4, in a role that we would not have thought immediately!



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